Something deeply unnerving and particularly awesome surfaced on the internet recently and as such it deserves your full and undivided attention for at least the next hour or so. The supremely sinister Dexian Racking  site launched earlier this week and its patiently lying in wait for you to stumble into its arcane lair where it will devour your soul and make every effort to ensure that you have nightmares for the rest of the week. Excellently curated by Dank Morass’ Brad Swob, the first volume entitled The Swamp, contains a seething mass of submissions from a variety of artists, writers and musicians from a whole range of backgrounds and disciplines. I submitted a short story called Excerpt which I hope you enjoy, but there’s also a whole heap of high quality work on there from some very talented people. The premise is as follows, in Brad’s words….

Dexian Racking is an online multimedia project created and curated by Brad Swob.  It’s a website that publishes mixes of music, short stories and digital art in thematically linked volumes.  Each volume starts with a mix of music and an object selected by Brad Swob.  Writers are encouraged to submit short/micro (600 word limit) loosely inspired by the mix of music and the selected object.  Graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and video artists are encouraged to submit work based on the same.  All submissions are required by a deadline and the entire volume of work goes live on the Dexian Racking website shortly thereafter.  A new mix and object is posted and the process repeats.

Complimenting the periodic volumes is a section of Dexian Racking called Addendum.  This part of the website houses non-fiction articles and reviews from a team of regular writers.  Topics explored in these pages represent the vibe of the whole project – sinister, kooky, dark and weird art.  This section is perpetual with new articles posted regularly in between the main themed volumes.

It is envisioned that Dexian Racking will be an online hub for original writing, music and art in the stylistic tradition of things like The X-Files, horror films, pulp fiction, murder mysteries, ghost stories, science fiction, film noir, Edgar Allan Poe, gonzo and other, Lynch-esque moody weirdness – with varying degrees of blood and silliness.

So there you go, what are you waiting for? Click the link, download the mix from the music section, put your headphones on and immerse yourself in Dexian Racking.