Right, its been a bit quiet recently but rest assured I’ve got a few bits of spiralling hyperbole and mumbling nonsense coming your way shortly. In the mean time here’s an ambient/downtempo/experimental beat tape that I put together for my friend Joshy Bug (see the image for an example of his work) at some indeterminate point in the last year or so. As I’m admittedly rubbish at mixing these were pretty fun to put together, being as how largely beatless music doesn’t sound abysmal if you get two tunes out of sync, additionally they’ve been a good soundtrack  for some quiet reflection and for aiding deep concentration whilst working, I hope they prove equally useful to all youse lot.  If anyone wants them to download hit me up with a message and I’ll see what I can do about uploading them somewhere.

Side A: A bit like how it might sound in the future

1: Nah Teeth – Dem Hunger

2: Feathers – Asura

3: Stress Waves – Oneohtrix Point Never

4: Shimmer – The Sight Below

5: Root Hands – Hudson Mohawke

6: Marrying Maidens – Rooflight

7: When we parted my heart wanted to die – Leyland Kirby

8: Part II/IBM 1403 Printer – Johann Johannsson

9: Untitled #1 – Akira Kiteshi

10: All Hallows Eve – Demdike Stare

11: Sadly the future is no longer what it once was – Leyland Kirby

12: Stagger – The Sight Below

>> Nightbus – Burial

13: New Crossings – Shigeto

14: 12:18 – Global Communication

15: Dedal – Access to Arasaka

16: Untitled – Shankles


Side B: The Post Breakfast Road to Recovery

1: ? – Mark Pritchard

2: Pondlife – Bugskull

>> Ghostly Hardware – Demdike Stare

3: Schloerb – AK Kids

4: Through the cracks – The Sight Below

5: Dog Shelter – Burial

6: Embrace the Cold – Shigeto

7: Subterranean Life – Bugskull

8: Desert Fairy – Ras G

9: Shutter Light Girl – Kuedo

10: Zodiac Shit – Flying Lotus

11: Galaxy in Turiya – Alice Coltrane

12: Auntie’s Harp – Flying Lotus (Rebecca Raff’s Remix)

13: Nag Champa – Miguel Atwood Ferguson

14: Lady Nebula – Fingathing

15: Part III/IBM 1402 Card Read-Punch – Johann Johannsson

16: Communication – Bugskull

17: Happy Summer Solstice – Carlos y Gaby

18: Minjo – Kidkanevil (Blue Daisy Remix)

19: Run into the light – Brokenchord